Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Late Last Night

Mac the Labradoodle is far too humble to share the story of late last night. I, her mother will tell the tale because Mac is definitely the heroine, and she would never brag on herself.

Mac lives in a typical mid-town historic neighborhood which is quiet and lovely and wonderful. However, there are times when the 'visitors' who wander through are not so wonderful. Such was the case late last night.

I was sitting on my enclosed front porch enjoying the peaceful sounds of summer. When, suddenly, Mac jumped to her feet and sounded an alarm which startled me. I ran inside to tell my husband because I was fearful that an intruder had entered our front garden.

We opened the porch's door so Mac could run outside to investigate further. Immediately, she made her way to the farthest corner of the picket fence and began barking at something three houses down the street.

This is Mac's turf...Mac's street, and she takes her job very seriously.

A man was seen running from a car parked in the neighbor's driveway to a car lurking on the road with no headlights. The parked car had clearly been vandalized.

We called the police because we were afraid to awaken our neighbor at 12:30 a.m.

Mac was the hero. Mac scared away the criminals, and the story ended happily.

I don't think they will be back anytime soon.

Not if Mac has anything to say about it!

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  1. Hooray for you, Mac! This is so scary. Someone broke down my daughter's back door while she and her Zeus (yellow lab/golden retriever mix) were gone and ransacked her house last November, within a week of Anne Pressly's murder. Her neighbors helped her until the police arrived -- she has good neighbors just as you are a good neighbor! She lives near you. I'm glad your mom was up -- you might not have been "on guard" if everyone was asleep! Definitely good teamwork!