Friday, January 23, 2009

Allow Me to Introduce Myself real name. You'll never hear it spoken except at the doctor's office. My man has this thing for the Beatles, so when naming me, the challenge was to extract my future name from a Beatles song. There was already a black cocker spaniel in the house named "Pepper".

"MacKenzie" was discovered in "Eleanor Rigby"...Father MacKenzie. Even though I'm a female, and we don't even know if it's spelled the same...MacKenzie was the choice. But, like I said before, the doctor's office is the only place you'll hear it.

Mac...or Mackie...that's what I wait to hear.

Just say the word, and I will come running. A ride in the car to the bank? I'm in. A quick game of ball? I'm all over that one. A dash outside for a potty break? Good excuse to run in circles, chase a few birds, and see what's going down in the 'hood.

I'm a Labradoodle. In some circles, that's posh. If the President's girls select a Labradoodle for their new White House pet, Labradoodle awareness will be everywhere! But, I'm going to be honest here, I'm a G1 Labradoodle...translation: a half-breed mutt. My mom was a golden Lab. My Dad was a standard Poodle. There you have it. I came from a puppy farm which I'm not at all proud to admit.

My people searched the want ads for Labradoodles which led them to my "farm". My mama was shocked to realize the conditions under which I was being raised. To this day she will hug me a little bit tighter when thinking about that day.

It was simply a "God thing" that brought me and my family together.

And we have been happy ever since!

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  1. Hi, Mac! Jason and I sure fell in love with you when we were at your house for marriage counseling with your "dad". Nice profile pic, by the way. You might be one of the cutest dogs we've ever seen and have the best temperament. Makes me kinda want a G1 Labradoodle, but my two, A1 Heinz 57 mutt dogs keep us busy enough and have done enough damage to my flower beds to account for 50 dogs. So, I think we're going to be limited to a 2 mutt-family for the time being. But check out our blog. I'm putting up pictures of Kate & Cole on our "crew members" page this weekend. We'll put a link to your blogs on ours as well. Check us out at Give your mom and dad a hug for us. - Erin & Jason Fletcher