Sunday, June 6, 2010

Neighborhood Dog Show

Our neighborhood bank has an annual "Mutt Strut" dog show. Mac had a difficult time time choosing the best category... or as one of Mac's boys said, "dog-egory". After careful consideration, "Best Trick" was selected even with the knowledge that Mac could have difficulty performing with all the people and dogs distracting her.

She warmed up well with "sit", "shake", "high five", and "what do you say?". was time for "Bang! Bang!". As was explained to the crowd...sometimes there's a 'death' and sometimes it's just a hostage crisis (Mac doesn't always get her head on the ground but she freezes well).

Mac got a 'C-' for the way she performed 'Bang! Bang' but an 'A+' for being the cutest dog there. She won a green gift bag full of a $25 gift card to the neighborhood pizza restaurant, 2 free Chick-fil-a sandwiches, a tennis ball, rope toy, glow-in-the-dark lead, chewy bone, a bank coffee mug, and some squeaky toys for which she had no interest & will donate to her dog cousins.

Way to go Mac...we knew you could win!

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  1. So proud to be friends of the proud owners of the awesome & amazing Mac the Labradoodle!